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Social media marketing to Chinese consumers

The brief

Wild Ferns was created by the Parrs family, who has been making quality products for over 60 years. Recognised not only in New Zealand but increasingly throughout the world, Wild Ferns skincare products contain distinctive ingredients derived from New Zealand’s unique landscape to deliver real skincare benefits.

Wild Ferns Rotorua Mud series

With the philosophy of natural ingredients and an innovative approach, Wild Ferns developed a comprehensive range of natural skincare products. However, Wild Ferns was a new brand for Chinese consumers and its products were not available in retail stores in China.

In-depth Chinese market research and SWOT analysis were conducted, and careful thought was put into the Chinese content creation and visual typesetting for the Chinese promotional articles. The artwork and copywriting were refined over various iterations to ensure that it achieves subtle yet clear messaging.

To help build and increase its brand awareness, reputation and win trust from Chinese consumers in New Zealand and mainland China, boost e-commerce sales performance, we helped develop its Chinese social media marketing strategy and create an omnichannel experience for Chinese consumers, including:

    1. Official WeChat, Weibo and Little Red Book application, verification and operation, with regular creation of promotional articles
    2. Social influencer/KOL research, mapping and endorsement on Little Red Book – build a consumer community through thought leadership by sharing and connecting with prospective consumers with relevant and reliable product information
    3. Local Chinese online and offline retail promotions
    4. Trade shows, expos and events – create an immersive experience of its pure and natural products leading to more conversions with onsite staff expertise

Chinese social media marketing_Wild Ferns

2018 Beauty Expo

2019 Alibaba e-Commerce Expo_Wild Ferns

2019 Alibaba e-Commerce Expo

The results 

  • Wild Ferns gained a larger number of the followers in a short period of time plus a boost in sales revenue
  • 4 million views were achieved from the social competition campaign and partnership with the top Chinese fashion video blogger
  • 2019 Chinese New Year promotion:
          • 5,000,000 media impressions
          • 5,000 new WeChat followers
          • 2,000 purchase inquiries in ten days

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