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WeChat storytelling and marketing to Chinese consumers


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The brief

As a legacy in Jewellery master crafting, Michael Hill is all about quality and styles with a simple yet groundbreaking vision: to make fine jewellery accessible to everybody. It is a well-established international jewellery brand originated from New Zealand (NZ), with its online retail and outlet stores in NZ, Australia and North America.

China’s love of fine jewellery as a symbol of love and wealth is both historical and cultural, from spiritual qualities to family sentiment. Already a global hub for jewellery manufacturing, China has been a rapidly growing consumer market since the last century. Chinese consumers have become more knowledgeable about gemstones and jewellery and more clever in their purchases.

As part of Michael Hill’s social media strategy, WeChat marketing was introduced and implemented to maximise the brand’s social media reach to local Chinese residents, new migrants, and Chinese visitors.

We reviewed and analysed its WeChat channel’s performance in 2018 and set out a new strategy focusing on high-quality content. Topics involve a well-blended mix of the brand story, life experience, fashion trends, Chinese trending topics, and knowledge-based tips, not just sales-driven promotions.

To achieve a positive shift in Michael Hill’s brand awareness, brand perception and Chinese customers’ intent to buy, we built up an interactive system to attract, inspire and engage existing and prospective Chinese customers through WeChat storytelling and marketing, including:

    1. WeChat official account menu restructure and operation, November 2018 to May 2019
    2. Weekly WeChat article creation with a consistent tone, voice and brand impression
    3. Special festival campaign planning and execution: Double Eleven Shopping Festival, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day
    4. Crafted the brand tag line and key messages targeting Chinese markets
    5. Mainstream Asian media mapping and WeChat advertising

The results 

  • Established a distinctive brand awareness among Chinese customers through emotional and cultural connections
  • Increased new Chinese customer base and strengthened customer loyalty
  • Improved the sales conversion rate
  • Attracted 3,967 unique visitors, 5,218 article views and 169 reposts on WeChat from November 2018 to February 2019

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