Brand launch and market penetration in China


The brief

The HUI Māori Collective of indigenous producers was formed in the spirit of support and kinship to provide a wide offering of trusted high-quality products to Chinese consumers under its brand HUI.

We conducted thorough market research to discover Chinese consumers’ attitudes towards Māori culture and Māori-branded products. We then leveraged the research insights to develop HUI branding solutions with a Chinese cultural dimension, including the Chinese brand name, visual identity and all marketing collaterals.

With the support of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the HUI Māori Collective wanted to enter and penetrate the Chinese markets. We planned, organised and managed the HUI brand launch function providing an immersive experience of authentic Māori culture, products and giveaways in Shanghai on 5 November 2018, the opening day of the China International Import Expo (CIIE).

Officials from The New Zealand Consulate General in Shanghai, officials from the New Zealand Government, China liquor, food and beverage industry leaders and experts, Alibaba Group, representatives from HUI Māori Collective and leading Chinese media agencies attended the launch event.

We spread the story through mainstream media, social, trade & industry associations and Chinese KOLs. All messages and communications were crafted to not only drive awareness but also engage and resonate, with clear, succinct and factual information that Chinese consumers and trading partners care about.

To establish a solid foundation for HUI Māori Collective’s long-term business goals in China and maximise its brand impression and market reach, we provided cultural advice and consultancy on its strategic direction in Chinese markets, initiated and managed a wide range of activities and campaigns, including:

  1. Specifically-designed Chinese website, with easy navigations and clear call-to-actions to its Tmall global e-commerce store
  2. Trademark registration for HUI’s Chinese brand name ‘荟誉’ for legal and trading protection
  3. Official WeChat and Weibo account application and content creation – connect and engage with wider Chinese customers
  4. Bilingual marketing collaterals design and content optimisation beyond translation – innovatively present and promote the premium Māori food and beverage products to Chinese markets
  5. KOL and social influencer mapping and marketing – extend the market reach and drive brand awareness

The results

The general opinion about the HUI branding and the Chinese brand name is positive.

Brand messages and stories were incredibly well-received:

  • 17 media coverage gained from the Shanghai brand launch event
  • 370 unique viewers to HUI’s WeChat articles
  • 5320 social reach achieved through the event post on HUI’s official Weibo channel, shared by NZTE and Chinese industry media
  • Top 3 ranking on the Chinese main search engine ‘Baidu’ for the keywords ‘荟誉’ (HUI) and ‘荟誉 新西兰’ (HUI New Zealand)

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