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How to help NZ organizations make a connection with the Asian community from scratch

The brief

The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand is an NZ community-based not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to caring for and supporting people living with hepatitis. In the meantime, hepatitis B is one of the Chinese community’s most common and highly affected diseases.

To increase the awareness of the organisation within the Chinese community in NZ, The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand chose Bananaworks Communications as their professional communication specialist to interact with the Chinese community.

What challenges we faced

Raising awareness of an unfamiliar brand and building trust with the target audience is not an easy task for communication amid we were still swept in the wave of COVID-19 variants with a very limited time and budget.

The choice of communication channel was also challenging. First, most Chinese people prefer using WeChat to obtain news and communicate with each other in New Zealand. At the same time, WeChat is a relatively closed social network to interfere with sharing and disseminating information.

Most importantly, regarding our rich experience in having fundamental insight from the Chinese community, most Chinese people are reluctant to share any information about the disease, especially when they or their relatives suffer from it.

With these challenges we faced, Bananaworks Communication decided to swift the communication strategy from traditional marketing to PR, by applying various PR stories for its branding and promotion. It was not only designed to introduce the basic knowledge of hepatitis B but also to connect with our target audience and facilitate communication to make immigrants feel settled in NZ. The stories ranged from introducing hepatitis knowledge to sharing specialists’ immigration stories to resonate with Asian communities’ own experiences living in Aotearoa.

The results

Smoothly, we helped the Hepatitis Foundation set up its WeChat official account from scratch successfully. On the first PR story we delivered, we achieved 137.93% reading conversion rate, and received overall 4000 exposures in a minimal time.

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