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Introduce Clinicians to Chinese consumers


The brief

Douglas Pharmaceuticals Limited (DPL) formed the Clinicians brand in 1997 based on their twenty years’ sound research and complete understanding of customer needs on getting extra nutritional support whilst on medication. They developed an extensive range of scientifically validated nutritional supplements with natural ingredients and integrity. Clinicians is committed to health and nutritional support, providing high quality vitamins and mineral supplements, as well as innovative condition-specific natural supplement solutions.

Clinicians was set to introduce its health supplements to Chinese consumers in New Zealand and mainland China. To raise the brand impression, boost e-commerce sales in Chinese markets and win high levels of trust among consumers and trade partners, we analysed the industry trend and constructed key messages together with a set of sales and marketing practices that helped achieve Clinicians’ strategic goals, including:

  1. Chinese brand slogans with a cultural touch focusing on Chinese consumers’ health concerns and expectations
  2. Official WeChat and Weibo application and articulated content marketing
  3. Visual communication – bilingual marketing collaterals, reference guide, advertisements, graphics, videos, etc.
  4. Chinese festivals and ‘double eleven’ shopping festival marketing and live streaming campaigns – strategy planning and implementation with an integrated omnichannel approach across search engine, digital marketing, social media, and e-commerce channels
  5. Celebrity/KOLs research and endorsement – partnered with Chinese actress Zhang Xinyu, to demonstrate authority, credibility and thought leadership
  6. Tradeshow and new product launch event – strategy, planning and execution
  7. E-commerce sales and marketing support – Tmall store

The results 

  • Clinicians achieved massive success in brand recognition, social media exposure, customer advocacy, and e-commerce sales performance in Chinese markets.
  • 20,000+ followers liked and collected Zhang Xinyu’s endorsement story on Weibo and Red (Little Red Book). We promoted her story and cultivated it to be a trending topic on WeChat, Weibo, RED, Baidu and Zhihu, with a total view of 1.5 million. Tmall store’s sales revenue increased by 300% in seven days.
  • Tmall store’s sales revenue achieved a steady increase of 665% from opening in August 2017 to August 2018. Tmall brand ranking moved up to 55 from 234 and the number of key sellers on Alibaba platforms was doubled within a year.

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