Bananaworks becomes key sponsor for NZ Asian Leaders

Nov 4, 2013 | BWC news, Our Insights

NZ Asian Leaders launch was held on 4 November 2013 by former Governor-General Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand, Minister Judith Collins and the organisation’s Founder and Inaugural Chair Mai Chen. Bananaworks became the key sponsor for NZ Asian Leaders.

NZ Asian Leaders was set up because the leadership and governance of New Zealand businesses do not accurately reflect the way New Zealand wants to do business with Asia.

There are relatively few Asian leaders in senior management and on Boards of companies doing business in Asia despite the fact that many companies are looking for more Asian talent. The gap is to connect one with the other, and to ensure Asian New Zealanders with top leadership skills that can help New Zealand businesses to succeed in doing business in Asia, and be identified and profiled so that their skills can be used.

There is also a concern that the lack of Asian leadership, senior management and Boards may be due to the “bamboo ceiling” and there is a need to assist emerging Asian leaders to breakthrough and emerge from the pipeline to the top levels of leadership. The relatively few numbers in top leadership tell a story of the need for more mentoring and training to get the right experience to fill top roles, but also of the need to overcome structural discrimination that may be holding Asian leaders back.

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