Bananaworks is in the finalist of Pressie Awards for government’s COVID-19 campaign

Nov 25, 2022 | BWC news, Client news, Ethnic communications, Our Insights

Bananaworks Communications is in the finalist of 5th annual Pressie Awards, under the category of Best Use of Social Media in 2022.

The campaign “COVID-19 Level 4 Resurgence – Asian Communities in Auckland, Chinese Group”, launched for Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC), as our client, has entered the entry and successfully be in the finalist of Best Use of Social Media category.

Launched in August 2021, when the Delta variant outbreak was detected in New Zealand, Bananaworks Communications has cooperated with DPMC, in terms of informing the Chinese community to mitigate the language and cultural barriers in providing accurate and reliable information to the Chinese community.

What better way to reach the Chinese community, than by using their social media channel of choice, WeChat, to provide information, in their own language to avoid fatigue misinformation of the pandemic, facilitating unite community members to stamp out the virus.

Created two tiers’ messages to deliver our key message to our target audience, we utilised digital display banners in high-exposure local Chinese media outlets and created an official WeChat channel to provide relevant information to the Chinese community in a way, that resonated with them most to avoid COVID-19 misinformation and help spread of the virus.

Different from literal translation, the copywriting created was tailored to one of the most popular writing styles in social media channel, by applying rhyme and social media trending slogan to fit for the target audience.

As a result, we have reached over 11,016 shares of the WeChat posts throughout the campaign period. Most significantly, the campaign has reached 800 times page views of the Unite Against COVID-19 website on Chinese language page, in comparison of to August 2020 when the Chinese language page first established, which drove our target audience to access information in an authentic and reliable manner.

About Pressie Awards

Organised by Commercial Communications Council, Pressie Awards aims to celebrate New Zealand’s leading PR, Experimental and Social campaigns from the past year. In the 5th annual award of 2022, there are 82 finalists across 15 categories.

To be one of the finalists among outstanding advertising agencies, it is not only an achievement of collaborative effort, but also a recognition of the profession and credibility to Bananaworks Communications. Most importantly, it was a great honour to have a partnership with Department of Prime Minister and obtain full support from them.

On 24th Nov 2022, the team of Bananaworks attended the Pressie Awards evening. Photo from left to right, Account Manager Yedda Wen, Company Director Kenneth Wang, Account Director Lucy Ong, and Digital Marketing Specialist Maggie Wang.

Acknowledgement and Credits

Client: Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet, COVID-19 group

Director Communications and Public Engagement: Heather Peacocke

Head of Communications & Public Engagement: Fiona Weightman

Team leader of Campaign and Channels: Phill Sherring

Principal Advisor, Public Engagement: Rory McKenzie

Manager Engagement: Libby Greville

Manager of Campaign and Channels: Sarah Wood

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