Bananaworks Communications partner with Stats NZ to deliver 2023 Census campaign

Apr 21, 2023 | Client news, Our Insights

NZ 2023 Census is officially held on the 7th of March 2023 successfully.

According to the latest data from Stat NZ on 31 March, over four million people have returned their individual Census forms. This is a great milestone in comparison with the 2018 Census that was in a controversial conversation on the target numbers.

Bananaworks Communication is incredibly honoured to partner with the Stats NZ and VMLY&R to deliver a communication campaign specific to the Chinese community in New Zealand.

Referring to 2018 Census data, there were 190,000 people identified as Chinese living in NZ less than 5 years. Our target audience is reaching the new arrivals from China, including visitors, student visa, working visa holders and new residents of New Zealand, etc.

Apart from the language barriers and different habits of media usage, cultural difference was also considered in our communication strategy.

In China, undertaking the census is a mandatory activity conducted by the official staff (generally door-by-door). Questions on the New Zealand census are different from China. More topics were covered and some terms i.e., sex characteristics, sexual identity, are less familiar with the Chinese culture.

We utilised the most popular Chinese social media – WeChat and partnership with the top NZ we-media – Skykiwi (its platform has a viewership of 100K daily) to ensure the message reaches NZ Chinese audience.

WeChat is a long-form article that packs load of information, 800 words or more is the usual content for WeChat posts. An advantage over Facebook and Twitter.

To raise awareness of the difference between both cultures, our creative applies to create a rhythm of social content, encouraging the Chinese audience to motivate by recalling their memory of reading Chinese poems for cultural connections, as our first post.  

The official 2003 Census Forms are available in English and Te Reo only. To mitigate the linguistic barriers, in the 2nd WeChat post we provided the Census questions in Simplified Chinese to assist the audience in filling out the Census form.

The overall outcome is satisfied with two posts combined reaching over 33K impressions, and a high volume of engagements of 1.3K shares and likes.

All of us count, all of NZ-Chinese count.

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