Chinese social media and digital marketing campaign



The brief

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, Artemis connects the wisdom of using plants for healing with modern scientific research to create natural and powerful plant remedies, which validates our traditional knowledge and formulations.

The history of using plants for health – referred to as plant or herbal medicine – also goes back centuries in China. Plant-based medicines and health supplements are widely taken by Chinese people as part of their primary and preventative healthcare.

Artemis connected with us to target their desired demographic of Chinese both in New Zealand and mainland China. We helped Artemis identify the market opportunity and penetrate into Chinese markets by creating shared value for existing and potential Chinese consumers.

To achieve the brand lift and support its e-commerce sales in Chinese markets, we constructed an integrated Chinese digital and social media strategy from scratch, including:

  1. Brand slogans in Chinese focusing on Chinese belief in herbal and plant remedies
  2. Official WeChat and Weibo application, verification, and operation
  3. Weekly social topic planning and article creation explicitly focused on Chinese consumers’ health concerns and expectations
  4. Visual creation – bilingual marketing collaterals, graphics, videos, etc.
  5. New Zealand mainstream Chinese media advertising –
  6. Chinese social influencer (KOL) marketing – WeChat and Weibo
  7. Social media marketing campaign planning and execution – e.g. lucky draws, special festival celebration, product theme marketing

“Your Professional Health Advisor” – Health Column by Dr Sandra Clair

“The Best Job in New Zealand”

2016 & 2017 Artemis Tea Taster Digital Campaign – WeChat and

2017 “Smog Migration” Thyme Lemon Tonic campaign

New Zealand mainstream Chinese media WeChat and banner advertising

Chinese social influencer (KOL) mapping and marketing

HiBarbie is a well-known Chinese vlogger living in New Zealand. We partnered with her to review and recommend Artemis herbal tea in her monthly review videos on YouTube and Youku (Chinese video flatform).

The results 

  • Attracted 1,618 followers and 6,766 article views on WeChat, received 597 messages from 446 people within the first six months from July to December 2016
  • 566 followers were gained from lucky draw events on Weibo in four months from June to September 2018
  • Achieved 12,276 total views of WeChat articles and Skykiwi posts for the 2016 Thyme Lemon Tonic Launch Campaign
  • Received 18,480 total views of WeChat articles and Skykiwi news as well as 80 applications for “The Best Job in New Zealand” Tea Taster WeChat campaign from September to October 2017
  • 2018 Smog Migration Thyme Lemon Tonic campaign attracted 1,063 people to participate in the vote and achieved 12,214 total views of WeChat articles. The keyword “Smog Migration” was ranking on the first page of both Google and Baidu.
  • KOL HiBarbie’s two videos gained 13.6K views on YouTube, 19.5K views on Youku, 60K views on Weibo.

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