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Understanding the Asian culture and psyche, contribution to cost-effective planning, and effective, efficient creative work are our strengths.

Our early involvement at the strategy and planning stage, rather than mere translation of mirrored English material into ethnic languages, will result in a better, more cost-effective plan and more useful results.


What We Do Planning


Get to know your audience before you start. Easier said than done, but Bananaworks will collect feedback from grassroots and interpret this accurately for development into relevant marketing messages. This is what we do well every day – because we too are Asian.


Agency Support


Working in partnership with other agencies, we are often the quiet player behind the scenes. We are happy so long as we can produce great work that everyone can be proud of. 

From language services (translation and typesetting) to complete project planning and execution, our role seamlessly merges with a partner agency’s workflow, providing support in the fullest sense. Whenever possible, we like to contribute at the strategy and planning stages to ensure messages in ethnic languages are accurate and the campaign execution cost-effective.

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