Asian Media Forum

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Bananaworks together with NZAL have successfully held an Asian Media Forum in SKYCITY of Auckland.

Over 120 guests were introduced to 15 Asian media organisations present for this session.

This is the first time in New Zealand history to gather all Asian Media together to talk and communicate in one room and speak on one topic: "THE IMPORTANCE OF GREATER RECOGNITION OF ASIAN MEDIA IN NEW ZEALAND"






Guests included Bananaworks clients, related marketing agency and media buyers, as well as NZAL supporters, members, sponsors and corporates who had the opportunity to discover the media platforms, target market and circulation numbers of Asian media present.  

Asian Media use this stage to demonstrate the capabilities and talk directly to their mainstream clients to gain business opportunities. Each media had an information stand displaying business information and have the opportunity to share specific details on circulation, target audience, demographic, etc. to mainstream media, corporate business and representatives from the public sector. 

Many guests do not even know Asian media exist in New Zealand before the forum. It is a great opportunity to let the mainstream understand who is speaking to growing Asian population here. But one single forum is not enough, Asian media shall work together and cooperate to gain greater recognition in the future. 

Participated Asian Media includes: 

• Chinese

 Chinese Herald

 Mandarin Pages

 NZ Messenger


 WTV (World Television Limited)

 TV33

 NZ Mao


 Indian Weekender

 Indian Newslink

 Radio Tarana

 APNA Television

• Filipino

 Filipino Migrant News

 Asian Migrant News

• Korea

 Korea Post

• Japan

 Gekkan NZ








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