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With today’s ever-evolving communication technologies and increasing media options, Asian audiences are becoming more and more fragmented. Getting your message across to Asian market with a limited budget is a tough job - let alone be effective. 

TV, radio, newspapers, websites, social media, indoor/outdoor, mobile apps, national or regional… Asian media is live and well-woven into Asian daily life. However, it is naive to think any media solution will work as a golden key to unlock the door of Asian market. No such a golden key exists.
An Integrated communications strategy is the key, a strategy that takes all the options, on-air, online, in the press and most importantly on the ground into account and draws every possible resource and opportunity in search for the best solution.



Bananaworks is a media-independent agency. We have access and insight into information about Asian media in New Zealand: who they are, what they do and where to find them. We are here to help you to draft a media strategy that will make sure your messages reach your audiences cost-effectively.

Chinese Press,TV,Radio,Website 
Korean Press,TV,Radio,Website
Indian Press,TV,Radio
Japanese Press,TV,Radio
Filipino Press,TV,Radio
Other Asian and non-Asian media



  • The Popularity of WeChat. 

  • In the past years, WeChat has become the most popular social media platform for Chinese: an average of 570 million users log in to WeChat each day (September 2015). There’s  hardly any Chinese New Zealander who do not use WeChat as a primary social network and communication tools. If your want to reach the fast grown Chinese market in New  Zealand and offshore, WeChat should be at the top of communications channel list to deliver your message.How to market it? Bananaworks are experienced in the WeChat marketing.  We were among the first who introduced the WeChat to Kiwi business. We help our clients leverage WeChat to engage more consumers : 

-Customised & Design

-Account Creation

-APPs Development

-WeChat Shopping

-Big Data Analytics

-WeChat Operation

  • Use WeChat as Part of A Marketing Mix. 
  • Many companies were quick jumping into WeChat. However, a lot of them didn’t even know how to make it work. The WeChat platform might be free but the resources you have to pour into are not. Digital media campaign is not all about setting up an account on WeChat. WeChat's one-to-one instant communication feature makes it good for supporting marketing campaigns and should work with other marketing mix.


  • We Create Shareable Content. 
  • We often share some interesting posts on social networks, even we know those posts were advisements.  In the world of WeChat, the key challenge for brands to manage a WeChat account is to attract and retain your customers. Bananaworks was aiming to keep followers like to share the information from your account. Setting up content strategy will help a lot when you manage the account. We experienced in helping clients create high-quality contents to make people believe us as a helpful and interesting account.


  • WeChat Does Make Sales. 
  • Our clients sold cars, tickets, foods, health supplements, ect. via WeChat. Chinese users spend an average of 40 minutes on WeChat everyday. It is the perfect channel to reach your target customers where ever they really are. When users are accessing your website via WeChat, they can use WeChat as an online payment system to check-out through a “one-click-payment”: this provides user-experiences and increases your sales conversion rate.



More information about Asian media is available in the Asian Media Information System (AMIS), which is designed to assist users to make informed decisions on their marketing and advertising initiatives and cost effective action plans.

You need to obtain media accreditation to access to the information in AMIS.

If you are a regular user of Asian media and wish to be accredited to the Asian Media Information System (AMIS), please click here to submit your details and requirements.


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