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“ We are not creatures of circumstance, we are creators of circumstance. ”

Kenneth Wang


Kenneth's 20 years of skills and expertise in the advertising, marketing and communications industry has achieved him peer and industry acclaim not only in New Zealand but also overseas. He was behind many successful campaigns, masterminded strategies, coordinated resources and orchestrated the performance of all parties involves, making sure that all the efforts were eventuated into successes. Kenneth is respected and well recognised among Asian communities. He puts his finger on the pulse of the Asian market by devoting himself into many community development activities and projects, i.e. cultural events, community safety, health & education programmes.

Talk to Kenneth before lifting your plan off the drawing board. His insights and wisdom in Asian markets can add value to your strategy strength...


If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant. If what is said is not what is meant, then what ought to be done remains undone. -  Confucius ”


Lucy Ong


Before Lucy joined Bananaworks, she managed a cross-cultural communication company for 10 years and prior to that was the co-founder of Bananaworks. She has successfully coordinated projects such as the Electoral Enrolment Campaign, Auckland Greyhound Racing, Telecom's Chinese New Year and the Air New Zealand Shanghai Campaign.

Lucy’s expertise is in branding to the Asian market. From developing the creative strategies to delivering visual communications in traditional print platform and web digital interactive media. Lucy graduated from Wellington Polytechnic and holds a Bachelor of Design, visual communications degree. She has more than 15 years advertising agency work experience in both New Zealand and Taiwan.

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