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Integration is the key

Taking an integrated approach and formulating multi-channel communication strategies that deliver the results, these are the differences that set us apart.

TV, radio, newspapers, websites – these traditional media channels are often not as cost-effective as social media, email and mobile apps. Your audiences may be more likely to experience your product/services at functions and events, at indoor/outdoor promos. There are innumerable ways to deliver your message even on a limited budget.

We take a vertical approach in project planning, taking account of all the resources and possible options. Often this approach leads to an integrated solution that invites audiences to participate in the communication process.

We are results-driven – we start from the audience and move upwards, not the other way around. We expect to be judged on the results we help achieve.


Stay connected

The art of communication is keeping you connected, especially with Asians.

Getting more returns out of a limited budget is a daily challenge. The trick is not about stretching your budget thinly across a range of media channels, but how to find your audience, get close to them and how to tell your story.

We understand the Asian psyche, what they care about and how they react, because we are Asian too and these are our natural instincts.

We look beyond simply media booking – we pay more attention at ground level, and we know getting closer and staying connected with Asians (your audiences) is the key.


It’s about effectiveness

We have witnessed significant money being wasted in “feel good” communications. Those projects and campaigns carried out with a “spend and forget” approach might make you satisfied with a ‘perfect’ media plan and spending spree, but hardly be effective.

Being active doesn’t necessarily mean being effective!

Communication is two-way traffic. No response equals no result. We make sure that audience participation is an integral part of the process. 


We are to be held accountable.

Campaigns must be measurable; investment committed must be accountable. Campaign reports, data analysis and effectiveness assessment are a part of our regular practice in every project undertaken.


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