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Asian markets, both domestic and international, are too big to ignore.

The New Zealand Asian population is increasing, faster than other ethnic groups. There is little wonder why more and more big brands want to get a slice of this virtually untouched market. Those who ignore this fact will be left behind before they realise it. Approximately:

      -  25% Auckland population are Asian

      -  10% New Zealand population are Asian

      -  33% global GDP is in Asia and will exceed 40% within a generation

Every major player in the market, whether from the public or private sector, needs to talk to Asians. If you want to win your market share and run effective campaigns, you can’t ignore Asians.


Understand your audience

You have identified the Asian market as your target. The opportunities are there for you. Where do you start?

To present yourself to Asians successfully, you need to understand your audience - by speaking their language, understanding their culture and psyche, and by keeping your fingers on the pulse of Asian communities. These are the three pre-conditions for anyone who wants to launch a campaign in Asian markets and ensure its effectiveness.

If you don’t know how to do it, or if you feel lack of the resources, talk to Bananaworks. We know how to talk to Asians.



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